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In recent years, Mexico has gone through important changes and reforms in matters of energy production, revamping the way we produce it and increasing the efficiency of businesses. With this new law (Ley de la Industria Eléctrica) it has been possible to improve the relationships between energy providers and users, making it easier for a more equalitarian energy production. Before this law took place, energy production was solely dependent in the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) which was greatly deficient when it comes to sustainable resources, something that is high priority in today’s world.

In anticipation to these political changes and completely committed to environmental protection, DASA Initium begins working in 2014 by promoting cleaner energy production, starting by developing a Solar Energy PV project in Asensión, Chihuahua that has been highly successful, making the generated energy available in the market. At DASA Initium we are pioneers and we’re constantly seeking to come up with the best energy solutions, being able to bring our alternative energy sources to housing and industrial complexes, producing a cleaner energy and allowing for more efficient processes.

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