About us

We are a business group 100% created in Chihuahua, Mexico and we are mainly dedicated to construction, with the highest interest in providing our state and our country with the best infrastructure. Furthermore, at DASA we strive to provide businesses with the best solutions, development and administration.

Beginning our work in 1999 developing building construction in more than 10 million square feet, as well as working in social projects that help our community, promoting a higher quality of life, and working alongside our human resources who are completely focused in providing the best service and caring for our clients.


To develop practices and solutions that are completely profitable as well as satisfying the needs of our clients and associates, always striving for a sustainable approach in the state of Chihuahua as well as the rest of Mexico, as well as seeking a better quality of life by creating good infrastructure.


To become a Business Group that manages successful projects in Mexico, being recognized for our quality, integrity, as well as being a pleasant work source for our people always striving towards innovation in our projects, growing and improving ourselves.


Quality. Service. Compromise. Ecology. Innovation. Teamwork. Professionalism.